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Sorry to make you less optimist, but the Raptors don't wear purple jerseys anymore...
Its, Red, Black and White...

Too make you optimistic, the Raptors are a big market. They have many pieces to build around and a way better team then the one in Houston...

They have this C they drafted last year Jonas Valančiūnas coming from Europe and he is very good from what I have seen. They are a young team that now have all the right pieces.

C. Jonas Valančiūnas
PF.Andrea Bargnani
SF. ????
SG. Demar Derozan/ Laundry Fields
PG. Kyle Lowry

They are also loaded with PF's and have Calderon which I can see them trading away for a SF...

They also have Ed Davis my PC player so you are not alone!!!

I think this team will make the playoffs and make some noise, they have all pieces now and are missing a SF which I think they can get by trading Calderon...

Kyle Lowry stats will jump up by having great players around him.

Canada/ Toronto is a big market even tho it might not look like it...
Good luck with your PC, I think his value will go up...
Remember, Young + Athletic = Wins

thats what the Raptors have...

Ed Davis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed Davis PC -->
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