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All Canadians must answer the following skill question correctly to qualify for the contest: 5+9/3=??

haha this was funny... hehe... answer is 8 by the way in case you ask for it haha

First off congrats to you for having a great collection of Kyle Lowry, that guys is amazing...

I fully understand your concern about what happened lately.

But what I would tell you is not on the short term plan of things...Yes it does look bleak short term but in the long run you'll be thankful it happened.

1. Just like when T-Mac was in Toronto, having to go play side by side with Vince, he was not really noticed. The following year he transferred to a not so great team during that time and that was Orlando. He was then able to showcase his talents and really made his mark on the team thus on that year, t-mac's cards skyrocketed. I believe that was the peak of the value of his cards before the injuries.

2. Kyle Lowry is a sick guy...He has talent..this is his showcase...This is his time to shine since nobody in Toronto really would like to act as a star. Lowry could fill those shoes up. If he performs to what we both think he can perform, then he'll shine. Your next payday will then happen once his contract is done with Toronto. He can be a big time Free Agent and thus even adding value to his cards and by that time he already made a name.

3. After it's all said and done whether Toronto will stop his popularity or whatever, you just need to wait until his contract is over..He is still young and a very promising future ahead.

4. When it comes to shipping cards, then simply pay the extra money for tracking. I've been duped before from people in the US too. I'm from Canada and I ship cards there and trust me I also got scammed with people in the US since I didn't place in tracking So the answer there simply add $10 more to ensure your money, You can specify in ebay different shipping to Canada and the US. and trust me when the time he shines, it will not only be people in Canada craving for your collection but the US too..

Good luck to you
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