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Originally Posted by pastmyshades View Post
Lol you guys are funny. We might have a few winners...

I hear a lot of "toronto has a good team" but I just don't see it. Then again I don't watch too many Raptors games. I do see there is reason to be optimistic, I just don't feel a playoff-bound season is imminent.

The starting five has two rookies in Ross and Jonas which is never a recipe for success. Derozan is a good player. Bargnani can space the floor and shoot but is the softest 7 footer in the history of 7 footers. Bench looks decent but I just don't see how this team could possibly be any better then the Rockets team that couldn't reach the playoffs. They were both filled with role players except the Rockets role players were better then what Toronto is fielding.

Whats the coach like? What kind of offense do they run? How about their rotations? Are they sound or do they seem idiotic? Can they play defense at all?

Mostly important, do they play hard? If they don't, Lowry is going to be all over them. You won't find a more passionate player. Its all about winning ball games with Kyle.

The Raptors are also in the east making it much easier to get into the playoffs, than the Rockets in the west.
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