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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
I'm asking you to clarify why you think Blowout is taking advantage of you. They sell an item. You buy it. They don't FORCE you to buy it. You don't have to buy it. You have the entire internet to find what the item might and might not contain and if you feel uncomfortable you can walk away.

It's obviously a good price because you buy it. It's also a gamble but so are ANY trading cards. If you find Spielberg, 'thanks Blowout you're the best'. If you find crap 'Blowout are crooks!'
I think the point Jack was trying to make was that Blowout is obviously sitting on a crap ton of these. We buy about a dozen cases from them. Each time 4-6 cases were purchased, they raised their prices. No doubt to reflect what they had left in stock. Point is, the same cases are not worth anymore than the $189.99. I'd be hard pressed to say they were worth THAT much, but I felt like taking a gamble. So, let's fast forward 4-6 mo's when no one here buys these cases, and Blowout once again lowers them to the $149-189 range.
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