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4,000 Hobby cases x 8 Boxes per case = 32,000 boxes

26 major hits in the entire run

Its something like 1 major hit in every 150-160 cases

Autograph Cards

-Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 8
-George Lucas - Executive Producer 8
-Steven Spielberg - Director 8

Cut Signature Cards

-Denholm Elliot as Dr. Marcus Brody 1: 775,296 packs
-Pat Roach as Giant Sherpa 1: 775,296 packs

How many cases have been opened up recently on here?

Anyone know how many of each of the big hits have already been pulled?

If i had some extra coin right now, id be buying up these cases. Its only a matter of time before someone pulls another biggie. And when someone does pull one (and it will most likely happen), the rest of us are gonna be kicking ourselves for not buying just one more case.

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