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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
Got it off eBay for $240...I really do think the ones I've been getting from Traget were opened and searched and resealed...The plastic overwrap on these were much heavier plastic than the ones at Target...kinda makes me realize why I only had hits in like 3 outta 10 blasters...anyway, on to the break....Sorry, not gonna type out all the parallels, still gotta go through them and see what I need...

Box 1: Todd Rogers Relic
Box 2: No hit
Box 3: Brandon Roulhous Olympic Tean Patch
Box 4: Kari Laraine Miller Paralympics Pin
Box 5: Tyler Clary USOC Pin + Allyson Felix Auto
Box 6: Dotsie Bausch Relic
Box 7: No hit
Box 8: Arielle Martin Verhaaren Flag Patch
Box 9: Abby Wambach Relic
Box 10: Arielle Martin Verhaaren Relic #/75
Box 11: Maya Moore Flag Patch
Box 12: No hit
Box 13: Ricky Berens Olympic Team Patch
Box 14: No hit
Box 15: Misty May-Treanor Auto #/50
Box 16: Tyson gay Relic #/25

So not bad, got only 2 autos, but I really like the Pin cards, they're pretty heavy.

13 hits outta 16 blasters, only had 1 blaster that gave me multiple hits...wonder if it woulda been better going with 3 boxes of hobby (3 relics, 3 patches, 3-5 9-11 hits) so less hits, but 1-2 more autos...
You gotta think though, you are going to get a LOT more base and parallels out of a Blaster case than you would out of three boxes of hobby though.

Haven't even touched a box of hobby or hit a great auto of this product and still made money on it.
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