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Originally Posted by packers04 View Post
Since you told me about Comic Collector Live, without reading this thread he has been the only seller I bought from. I really like his shipping costs and of course the cost of his books.
I tell ya, PERIOD, he is as fair as they get on pre 2010 stuff.
Like myself, his newer stuff, he gets what he has in it or it sits
I know if i have 2.00 in a book and it dies, it's still 2.00 or people can stare at it
You get to buying LOTs from him and he takes care of ya.
I picked up 3 long boxes from him awhile back and he tossed in 20-25 Bronze age spider-man,Defenders and avengers.
probably a stack of 5.00 books. So, I,in return, gave them to a restaurant who makes shadowbox tables for their customers to eat at,so they would have some unique books instead of newer or more common stuff

I also realized that if you want a deal, ask. he will not mind listening to offers and a LOT of guys won't do that. they come at you with "ebay this" and stop replying, not Don
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