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Originally Posted by mma138 View Post
well back then it seems to me like the comics were put together very sloppy. the staple process for example on alot of books would be so bad. it would cause a uneven fold on the book . the paper used was also very cheap . good luck finding a book from that timeline with white pages .
Going to disagree to a point
books were fine
People were not
Bag and board were not something most shops handed out with purchases
people would take them home,read and toss them in a box or on a shelf
Lot of handling and moving, spine rolls,etc

per paper quality, you are so-so right there.
Same paper and ink process used for 30 years to that point. I have many white page silver-age as well as several near pristine copies of books from the 90's with beautiful colors and white pages.

Image did step the bar up though. The way spawn was released, the type of paper was still fairly thin,but the coating was the ticket and the way they inked which is why Image took off like a rocket
Marvel and DC took a few years to catch up and I would assume this was because of the replacing of all machines would be damn expensive.

But,back to the meat of it, most problems were storage and handling by customers. Too bad it's the sole issue. Fairly sure I could muster a VF/NM run from #1 to 100,sans the deadpool book. I took care of my books NOTHING from 1984 and up hit anything buy a comic box, bagged and boarded Lot of people were into it just to read,so it got the same level of attention a sports illustrated did
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