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Originally Posted by TrueIrishFan616 View Post
His name is Neema. And he seems to be cut from the same mold as Lemur and all his little friends. complete ****** that shouldn't be allowed to be members of a place like this. They suck all the fun out of this hobby. It's a shame. I'm not mad at em...I pity them. Because soon enough they're gonna wake up and they'll be 50 and alone with no friends because all they do is troll people on here. they are probably all socially inept and just have no idea how to interact with people...other than being complete jerks to everyone.
Hi there. I'm a friend of Lemur's. Most of us are, because he's a nice guy.

Thanks for your pity. To show my thankfulness, here's a joke.

What are the best ten years of an Irishman's life?

Third grade.
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