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Originally Posted by TrueIrishFan616 View Post
A guy on here posts a thread stating he wants High end cards...preferably QB's. I'm assuming he wants to trade for them. I have a few High end hiding away and wanted to see if this clown had any 2010 NT RPA's available. So I send him a PM. He relies with "Read my"

I re-read his thread. It states "Looking for all stars, QBs preferred and only interested in rookie autos unless a really high end QB"

SO I send him another PM. I said I read it again...and again my question still remains..."do you have any 2010 NT RPA's available?"

He responds with "As it clearly states...I'm looking for some...not get rid of any!"

Am I not understanding? It seems that this guy actually expects to get high end stuff for ????? What....mid range? Low end? How does he expect to trade for high end when he wont get rid of his high end?

People like this are just frustrating...yet another reason why I cant wait to get out of this hobby. I cant finish my set fast enough...LOL.

In my thread I say that I am looking for NTs, SPAs, and Exquisite stuff. You replied asking if I had any NT RPAs without even saying what you had to offer and I said to reread the thread because that is the type of stuff that I was looking for.

You didn't even post a card, all you did was ask if I had any NT RPAs. I would expect in a thread where I am looking for certain cards to either buy or trade that you would actually put a card in your post or message and not ask me what I have.

I don't understand why you got so butthurt because I simply asked you to reread the thread and post a card you were interested in selling or trading to me. But apparently that is just me killing the hobby and forcing people out of it.

I don't even know.
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