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Default Luck Helmet Done!

Hey guys,

I imagine by now some of you are tired of seeing my posts about training camp and stuff but I'm just too exited about this not to share. Saturday I got in my decals below which only upped the anticipation

However, I waited eagerly for today when my helmet was suppose to get here. Well I got home to find a nice big box from Riddell and this is what was inside...

Full Size Colts Pro Line Revolution Helmet

After starring at it for awhile I rushed to peel the stickers on the helmet. And finally got them off.

Then ever so slightly after starring at the only picture and what seemed to be the tiniest picture possible of the back of his helmet, I put the decals on.

I'm ecstatic! Here is the picture I had to go off of lol

And of course this wouldn't be a post by me if I didn't pose a question but it's not about the helmet . Well since these Pro Lines aren't the cheapest things in the world I drew up some customs to have signed (only 7 of the 15 I'm doing) and am a bit lost about how to get them signed. They are on basic paper so would it be better to scan them and print them onto photo paper, laminate the drawings themselves and have them sign on top of it, or just have them sign the pictures themselves. I just want to hear some opinions on what you all think would look the best.

Thanks for the look!

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