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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
They see a...prison,asylum and go off to it, least that's all I remember
End of season, right before they see the prison, this happens. This is what I was referring to.

“I didn’t ask for this,” Rick says to the group, sounding unhinged. “I killed my best friend, for God’s sake!” Carl looks shell-shocked. “You saw what he was like how he pushed me, how he compromised us, how he threatened us. He staged the whole Randall thing. He was my friend but he came after me.”

“My hands are clean,” he concludes, more to convince himself than to convince everybody else.

Then he gets defiant.

“Maybe you people are better off without me.” He invites people to leave. “You can do better. Let’s see how far you get.”

Nobody moves. “No takers? You’re staying? This isn’t a democracy anymore.” (Lucky Dale isn’t around to question him, eh?)

The camera rises to show to reveal a fort/prison in the near distance, presumably home to season three.
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