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Originally Posted by solt0131 View Post
The reason people fail at this is they have no boss staring over their shoulder to keep them rolling all the time. They get distracted at home and lose focus.
I think this is one of my main issues...I currently do this FULL-TIME as I have been in-between jobs going on 1 year now. I apply to at least 2-3 jobs per week as I continue to work on my Ebay Store (4 months going). However, the fact that there aren't any defined "rules" or policies I need to adhere to myself, I find it very difficult to scan/post for hours at a time and can find myself taking a 2 hour lunch break...not good!

I don't have "high" dollar cards, but those $5-10 cards add up if you can keep a consistent flow of sales. I am still in the process of breaking down several collections I have purchased. I can say that for the past 4 months I have made 75% of what my normal job would pay me, without the constant pressure of managers and politics. It has given me alot more time with my daughter, but you will find yourselves working late nights and probably 6 if not 7 days/week.

I took vacation (definitely unpaid) last month and noticed a huge decline in sales and traffic, so it definitely hurts to be away from the store for any length of time. I could be making much more if I just park my butt in the chair and scan/post some items. I have well over 10k cards to be listed. I hope to one day have a consistent flow of inventory in which sales are steady and I can manage a decent income.

I will say if you ever decide to do something of this nature to make sure you have a sizable amount of savings to keep the bills paid until your store can generate the volume necessary to make ends meet.
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