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Originally Posted by smackvay View Post
i did it full time for the past eight months and made on mine and my old ladys account over 40 grand the #1 key is having product and a steady supply of it whatever it is the longer you have it the more and more people come to you to buy it. om me if i can give you any advice as i have around 2000 fd back and 100% positive if i can be of any help to you
but that still only equals out to $60,000 per year... with my expenses I have a hard time making ends meet on double that.

My mother does the yard sale thing. Her and my dad go out every Saturday and troll yard sales for deals then she sells them on eBay for large margins (500% - 1000%), but most items end up selling for $5-$10 and she could never keep up the volume required to make a living.

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