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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
Soooo....while everybody is still hanging on to every hope and thread the WWE gets its head out of its ass...

meanwhile..TNA is picking up a stockpile of steam, even from former WWE nuthuggers who thought WWE could do no wrong.

Impact has been getting better and better LIVE...and in case you werent aware, Sunday's Destination X PPV was one of if not the BEST PPV in the past year and half (WWE PPVs included) highlighted by a brutal Last Man Standing AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels match, technical showcase in Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle and a stellar ME that saw A Double (TNAs CM Punk) pull the upset and beat the longest reigning TNA champ in heel Bobby Roode!

Also the X Division is back...with the return of former star Sonjay Dutt, signing of ROH star Kenny King and a push from within the company to sign Rubix (aka Jigsaw of CHIKARA).

Tune in this Thursday to see if they can keep the momentum going, while WWE is stuck in reverse
Absolutely man. If it weren't for MITB 2011 which, let's face it, was a stellar ppv (probably the best in the past 3 years) Destination X would be the best PPV in the past two years. Phenomenal show, capped off by an AMAZING match between A dub and Canada's own Robert Roode.

They are picking up their quality. They won't acquire numbers remotely close to WWE's numbers (they need much better marketing and need to acquire a global audience) solely off of this but they will get better numbers in time. I much prefer TNA right now to the WWE storyline wise.

I hate hearing what you're saying, however. That they are catching up to the WWE. They aren't even close. They'll never get there at this pace, they need an owner (like Ted Turner with WCW) who'll fund them and get then on a national stage, a network that reaches numerous demographics, and they need to stop shooting all of their shows from that pathetic excuse for a wrestling crowd known as the "Impact Zone".
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