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Originally Posted by derium View Post
you're dead wrong. While it's true I pay around $600 a week in eBay fees, that's a good thing. it means I'm selling that much stuff.

You have to keep in mine if you do eBay full time, this means you need to register it as a business. What's that mean? Oh yeah, getting all your product at cost. So we crack our product cheaper than most people, and we have an outlet to sell even the junk cards.

An eBay business is easier then you think. I spend most of my time working at the Brick and Mortar and we keep the eBay around where my wife can handle all the shipping (and a new part timer).

The best part of an eBay store? YOU control how much business you do and how much you make. Selling too many auctions? Then stop listing, need more money? Invest into more products ect. Not saying we are striking it rich, but we are making really good money.

Would it be considered rude if I posted a screenshot of how much in sales me and the wife do while owning an eBay business pretty much for fun?


Sorry if I come across as a jerk here, I just hear people in my shop all day long talk about they wish you could make money on eBay. I tell people at least 5 times a week you CAN. The main reason you can? Is people 99% of the people think you can't make money, so they do not try. Therefore you have less people doing it. If everyone had an eBay store there would be zero money to make due to undercutting. But since not many people do, there is plenty to be made!
wheres the screenshot? im very curious. i do about a couple grand a month but obviously theres not a ton of profit cause i bust wax lol
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