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Originally Posted by claydogg_0725 View Post
if you didnt have 10% ebay fees itd be possible but by the time you sell something for $100 you have $10 in fee to ebay, probably around $5 to paypal and $3 to ship. Adds up too quickly. I just try to make a couple-$10 per card and hope i can sell a some throughout the months
eBay Fees Calculator 8.2 by Ryan Olbe (updated July 12, 2011)

that is your bible. a new eBay member looks like this on a $100 sale:

sale: $100
Ebay fee: $9.00
PayPal Fee: $3.20
Take Home: $87.80 (minus shipping and product cost of course)

But once you hit top rated seller and PayPal lowers your fees:

Sale: $100
Ebay Fee: $6.85
PayPal fee: $2.50
Take Home: $90.56

that makes a huge difference if you're doing 20+ sales like that. hrrrm, I could break the cardinal rule and tell you guys EXACTLY how a box of magic sale goes for me (we do at least 30 of those a week). But like, isn;t is dumb of me to reveal how much I pay on product?
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