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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Good question.

For the Onyx balls, anything in question would be available to the teams to hash it out. If they cannot hash it out, I will random it based on years played and teams. For instance, we would take Ryan's career and his teams, and random them. The top team wins.

Because this is a 2011 product, Pujols would go to the Cardinals.

A Ryan random list would look like this:

1968 Mets
1969 Mets
1970 Mets
1971 Mets
1972 Angels
1973 Angels
1974 Angels
1975 Angels
1976 Angels
1977 Angels
1978 Angels
1979 Angels
1980 Astros
1981 Astros
1982 Astros
1983 Astros
1984 Astros
1985 Astros
1986 Astros
1987 Astros
1988 Astros
1989 Rangers
1990 Rangers
1991 Rangers
1992 Rangers
1993 Rangers

Thanks for bringing this up btw. I missed it somehow.

The other option is to just random the different teams, but that gives equal footing to a guy who maybe just played for a team for a year.

Everyone: If you disagree with this, post so now. I will take any silence for acquiesce.

Originally Posted by Vintage Collector View Post
Why would Pineda who is currently actively signed with the yankees be issued to the Mariners. There is no uniform shown on the ball. I would think that if the player is active it should go to their current team.

That being said here is my disclaimer: I did not see the break yet, but I do have the yankees in this break and would love a pineda auto ball.
Based on what Houdini posted earlier in the thread, I think Pineda would go the the Mariners since he was on the Mariners in 2011. I could be wrong though.
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