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Default Yahoo Fantasy Football League: lowend RC buy-in

I have run these in the past and they've been very successful. I have a yahoo league all set up and ready to go.

-Buy-in rules: This is lowend card buy-in league. 1 RC (no auto, no GU) with a BV of $10 or higher. Example: my buy-in is a 2010 Ryan Mathews Topps Chrome Orange refractor. Buy-ins will have to be sent in to me before the draft. (I know this takes trust, read the "about me" portion below)
Winner gets first choice of 7 of the cards, 2nd place chooses 2 of the last 3 and 3rd place gets the left over card (this assuming we get 10 managers)

-Draft:August 20th, Monday 8:15pm pacific standard time.

-League settings: all based on yahoo public league settings with these major changes....
1) This is an auction draft. Start with $200 and bid on players. Moved to this format last year for the first time and it is so much better!
2) I eliminate kickers and defenses and added a utility spot (WR/RB/TE option) and added an extra bench spot.
3) Added a half point per reception

-About me: I realize my post count and low trader rating don't do much in terms of high reputation. But I have a very strong rep over at sportscardforum. I used to run a league like this with members over there but they banned all buy-in leagues from being posted on their site so here I am. Here's my account... View Profile: jdub1617 - Sports Card Forum - Sports Cards Community (click on feedback, over 200+ positive trades over there)
I've been away from the boards for a while now but Im back and will be more active.
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