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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
honestly not much, the cards go way down too fast and the thing that hurts me is that I have spent last 2+ hours scanning the emailing large attachments rather than opening my dozens of cases so that puts me behind and losing $ on the cards sitting here

I enjoy it and want to help others if I can for sure as it looks fun, so I am still ahppy to do it

But yesterday I had over 80 emails for requests and questions just on the code cards so it does take up a lot of time, and time is $, right? lol
As far as I'm concerned, I realize that you're doing those people (inc. myself) a big favor. So just know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

And who knows, I might have enough connections to suggest inserting a "Mr Casebreaker" base cards in future Ginter sets ;-)
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