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Originally Posted by derium View Post
It's REALLY hard to answer that. For sealed product? it's around 5-10% per box. That's the hardest part, to invest like $75 to get a $6 return. BUT if you're moving 30 of those boxes a week, then it's a no-brainer.

We get almost all of our singles from busting. Granted we do mainly Magic the Gathering (no risk).

So I'd have to assume we are in the 10-15% profit range. If you look at the numbers you'll see really good growth there, and that's because once you start to learn the ropes and know what you're doing, it's easy to expand. We started with only magic the gathering singles, then added sealed product once we made enough. Then we moved onto heroclix, now sports cards. Growth comes FAST on eBay. And that's the best part, if you're okay with $2,000 a day in sales then stop adding new product, want $6,000 a day? Then pick up Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh ect ect once you made profit.

And here is my #1 tip:

If you decide to do an eBay store do not do it hardcore until you earn top rated seller. That's when you get your 20% fee discount, that alone will make or break you.
That is really great to see that there are people out there that are making money. I have thought about opening an e-bay store just to see if I can sell alot of the stuff that I think is not valuable but someone else might think is valuable...Again I do not know if it woudl be profitable if I am only able to put 10-15 hours a week into it.

I was taking a class in my MBA program and essentially did a start up of a B&M card store vs online and I was able to find out that the companies require a picture of your building and sign before they will sign you up. Getting product at wholesale has got to make a ig difference.
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