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Originally Posted by HadWayTooMuch View Post
Anyone have any thoughts if I paid my brother 20 cents per listing to scan and list items that sold for $1.50 to $5.

And how about selling 1960s football and baseball commons and minor stars.

Cost effective? Yay, Nay?

All opinions appreciated.
Not cost effective.
If you're just starting to put up an inventory on ebay, you have to keep cost low and do it all yourself (unless you've got money to burn). Even then, you'd have to re-invest a major share of your profits back into the business for the first several months.
If you have absolutely no time and the only way for you to get started is by hiring someone to do it for you, then it would be best to work off of a profit split or an hourly wage or a combination of both (ex. $2 an hour plus 10% of the profit).
Though if you use a profit split, you'd better keep impeccable records of cost vs profit otherwise you could be headed for danger. Fighting with your family over money is never a good way to run a business.

You'd probably be better off paying your brother an hourly wage to handle the back end of the business (ebay messages, packaging, penny sleeving, sorting, going to the post office, etc) while you handle the buying of new inventory and the listing. IMO, if you hire someone to do ebay, they should handle all the menial tasks, not the money making tasks.
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