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Originally Posted by HadWayTooMuch View Post
Any thoughts on what kind of business you can do with 10K or 20K items in your store? And any thoughts on the guys that have the entire 1982 Fleer set (or something like that) in their store? They're paying $21 per month. Do they sell enough 1982 (or whatever) to justify that?
I think I've only seen 1 or 2 guys who list every card or every set they get their hands on and mathematically, I'm not quite sure how they make that work. I guess they list enough sellable product to absorb the fees of the pure commons. I know one of those guys also lists MTG cards and he cleans up with those sales by listing every card.
I dont list every card of every set, but I do end up listing about 30% of all the base set cards (stars, semi-stars, minor stars, regional favorites, subset cards, etc). I can say that it's worth it because out of a 792 card Topps base set from the 80's, there are about 220 "sellable" individual cards. That comes out to $6.60 a month in listing fees and on average, you'll sell about 15-30 of those cards per month. The cards sell, you just really have to stay on the ball with keeping them in stock, or else the player selection gets weaker and weaker and you'll start losing money in fees very quickly. You definetely won't get rich doing it, but it is a good way to build a customer base very quickly. And that customer base helps when you list a new release product.
In general, I'd look at those types of cards like packs of gum in the checkout line at the grocery store. They get thrown in as impulse buys with other sales and increase your checkout total.
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