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Okay so here is what popped out at me as I read the article....take it for what it's worth...


-Gloria blatt is suspect number one. She discovered the body.

-The dead body was drug onto a fresh "oiled" lane. Footprints? Any other objects or places have oil on them?

-The town meeting section will be a live discussion for Q&A for the public (us). It will be at 7:00 sharp and will only accept questions related to the death. Do not miss this date and time. This is where the blog water cooler link comes into play. Check it out.

-The last paragraph of " sheriffs department short-handed" gives a clue what to take into account. The term "boots on the ground" may lead to the oil I mentioned above.

-17 appears several times in the article. Vol. 171. Lane 17. Guttmans son jack aged 17....

-They listed the age of lennie guttman. If my math is correct he is 36 years old. He had jack when he was only 19 years old.

-The article said there are 20 lanes in the bowling alley however the name " guttmans" In e picture is over lane 17. You would think it would be centered over lane 10 to give it some balance.

Again I'm just thinking Out loud to get the juices flowing for everyone.....thoughts?
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