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I tried watching TNA again. Sad Kenny King went to such a crap company. Love that they dropped their year-long angle with Roode/Storm because Aries got hot for a few weeks. I love Aries but holy ****, it's not like he was Punk-hot. Have him chase Storm as a tweener for three months so it means something when he wins rather than kill off Roode's slow build that's been cooking forever. You can have it both ways if you book it intelligently, where Storm/Roode still get their title match and Aries builds up by taking on top veteran babyfaces and heels alike; instead, we got "the Internet was talking about Aries for two weeks! Put the belt on him!" What a train wreck.

Not saying the WWE is any better, mind you. It's all junk. Just sad to see the competition repeat the same mistakes.
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