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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Just sent through the rest of my payment $117. Make sure it wasnt CDN dollars lol. Just joking. I accidently sent someone CDN dollars the other day.

If you do another 5 caser of this, Id be in. I was in a recently break that had a two tier team system with 15 slots. 1 slot = two teams one AL and one NL. Id be down for that!! Also a bit different. With this product it would probably be like $260/slot plus shipping and etc. I think it would fill. I mean most of the recent breaks have all been $200+ per slot. Or seems like it.
Thank you, kind sir.

I like that format. We'd have to do a draft, and the top spot would only get one team, and it'd have to be from the AL, since the Astros have no presence in the set (at least not based on the most recent checklist). Then every other spot would have two teams.
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