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Exclamation Very unjust negative review written of me... Advice!? *MODS*

I was wondering if it was possible or what the steps would be to having a negative review removed that was Left over a simple misunderstanding.

This guy wanted a my Brandon lloyd when I thought he wantedy Von miller. This msg exchange spanned over the course of 5 days.

In that time another user came and ask for the Brandon Lloyd and sent me $10. Now I was gettin users mixed up due to work schedule and bad organization, so I wrongfully accepted money from the wrong user, but the card is not actually SOLD!!

I still have it, can refund the other guy is money and sell it to the guy who calle first. This is all a misunderstanding and this guy got super super sensitive and decided to try to hurt me out of spite.

I can correct this in efforts to have this negative review removed. Is the possible? Mods please pm me with further instructions on what to do... I strive for excellence and 100% positive.. Look at my eBay account it's FLAWLESS
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