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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
so, not trying to be a jerk or anything...but you just said yourself you dont watch/follow TNA as you said you "tried watching it again".

The internet has beentalking about A Double for a few weeks, so lets give him the title?? seriously bro?? this right here sums up that you know absolutely nothing about the product.

Everybody has been talking about A Double since he was re-hired and won the X Belt...hes done all there is to do in tha division.

What Hogan did with "option C"- letting the X Division Champ trade in the belt for a shot at the Heavyweight belt...actually made the belt and X division more credible. What else to make it even more so important? A Double winning the title.

How would that look for the first competitior to take that choice..and lose? what was he suppose to do then? start over again in the X Division hes already dominated?? start at the bottom of the ME pile...considering the Bound for Glory series is already goin on??

your logic makes absolutely 0 sense whatsoever.

As far as Kenny King..your sad to see him jump to such a crap company??

lets see...ROH, who barely has any talent still considered an indy promotion...and has a tv time slot of 10pm/11pm on Friday nights

or TNA...while not anywhere as big as WWE, still has a huge fan base..can be paid more $$ than ROH..and has a nationally televised show in primetime every week.

Yeah..he really made a boneheaded decision there didnt he

I get dont like TNA, thats fine. But dont sound ignorant when you go on a rant..which is basically what you just did.
I read every week's recap when I don't watch it. It's easier to do that than sit through it. You're absolutely right in that I don't like TNA, but I'll be damned if I don't want them to succeed. Vince needs competition. They had a good angle with Roode and Storm, better than anything the WWE has come up with in the past eight months. Why was it good? They allowed it to simmer... Well, until Aries won the title from out of nowhere after bitching about wanting a push and rallying the Internet. How many past TNA world champions has Aries pinned in the past six months? Give him a driver's license before giving him the keys to the Corvette.

I watch ROH because I love wrestling, not soap operas with bodybuilders. I love the idiots who claim ROH "barely has a roster left" as if it's a fault of the company. Look at the world class athletes they've continued to produce for ten years. What, they stopped making them once Bryan, Punk, and Aries left? Is this a "every generation thinks theirs will be the last" nonsensical stance? There will continue to be great wrestlers LONG after we are dead and rotting. It's not as though they randomly stopped making them with Bryan, Punk, Aries, Joe, Claudio, Nigel, etc... Good wrestlers *GASP* still exist, and most of them are in ROH RIGHT NOW.

I'd rather watch guys like Kenny King, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Jay Lethal and Davey Richards over Ezekiel Jackson, Ryback, and the husks of yesteryear like RVD (loved him in 1996, not so much now... he's lost more than a step), Sting, and the ever-green Bischoff kid. But I guess none of those guys will be big names until they sign with WWE/TNA, huh? See the problem in that logic? "Well, they're all crappy until they sign with the company I like."
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