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Blowout has it listed as Sport Kings (as opposed to Sportkings if your doing a search) for sale as follows:

18 Box Case; or
3 Box Lot; or
1 Box

I called Chris and he said that he is not yet sure whether the 18 box case will have 6 "mini" three box cases or whether it will just have 18 boxes. He is being conservative and listing the 3 box grouping as a lot (since everything less than an 18 box case could conceivably be "by the box") until he has confirmed that there will be 3 box mini-cases. (Chris, if I have this wrong, please feel free to correct me). 250 18 box cases yield the 4500 packs of product (at 1 pack per box). Someone correct my math if this is incorrect.
Interest in rarer Zach Thomas, Graham Harrell, Sammy Morris auto/parallel cards ALL rarer cards of other Texas Tech Players (generally, #/25 or less). Let me know if you have any!!!
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