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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
i guess we are just going to go round and round...

You are right..Roode/Storm feud was building and it built up to the rematch 5 months in the making...and Storm lost through no fault of his own....which led to the storyline of him contemplating retirement, only to come back and is now in the top in points of the BFG series for a title match.

As far as the Roode/Storm "feud" was effectively over after his rematch that he lost. He didnt win the title, but he effectively kicked Roode's ass all over and left him a bloody mess after kicking him out of the cage.

As far as continuing that...why would u want to build back up to that only for the inevitable Storm win that you could easily see coming a mile away. This way, if Storm wins the BFS..Roode might not be his opponent for the title....and he could win/lose still be credible. However, if Roode was his opponent for the title, and he could Storm EVER be taken seriously as a championship contender again after 3 losses? And if he did beat i said, itdjust be well duh we all knew he was gonna win wouldnt that be a lose/lose situation??

I still dont see where you are getting AA "bitching" about getting a push....he won the X Division title in September, and has beaten everyone in that division over and over and over again....what else was left for him to do? As far as him using the internet to " u have any proof of this..or just going off twitter or other social network that is used by ALL WRESTLING PERSONALITIES to stay in and further character?

As far as ROH, ill try to keep it brief.

I watch it usually every week, as im at work and there is nothing on at the time- which to me is pretty bad. How can that be the only time slot they could find ad only channels to get to air them? thats not going to do much for their expsoure on a national stage.

And i wasnt knocking the talent they have...i said they simply have alack of talent- as you pointed out since so many people have left. When you have to resort to bringing in semi-retired wrestlers like Lance Storm, Fit Finlay...or hardly used in years Rhino or the work storylines, that screams lack of talent.

I do like Lethal...but forgive me if im wrong, wasn the in TNA first?
I also like Dem Boys, WGTT, Jimmy Jacobs..and i think Elgin has a lot of talent as well.

On the flip side, Adam Cole..Eddie Edwards...Davey Richards...might be able to wrestle a bit, but have the personality of a cracker.

You said it was sad Kenny King went to a crap TNA...and what i said was to point out how his decision was crap? More $$$..more TV time...more mainstream promotion...yeah seems like a stupid decision to me

i love how you have now used the SAME exact arguments now in both posts..and completely ignored any of my "evidence/opinion"
Guessing you don't read WrestlingInc, then. It was all the rage about his crying for a push about a month ago. Had to wade through it in order to find real news.

I guess we simply differ in opinions of what wrestling should be. Not having Storm win the comeback payoff vs. Roode is like WCW building Sting for a year and having him "beat" Hogan at the PPV with a "fast" count: terrible booking. I like seeing a real program with real wrestlers. Happy Aries is champ but how they put it on him is bogus.

So your argument is that ROH doesn't have as much money as TNA and thus not as much exposure, correct? Can't argue there. TNA is funded by a multimillionaire with a passion for wrestling who can afford money for a big television station by sacrificing real house shows (until now, anyway... this is one of the risks TNA is taking, along with live TV, which hasn't changed anything for them unfortunately). Why do the politicians who have the most money get nominated every time? It doesn't mean they're better.

As for Kenny, he made the right choice. Never argued that he didn't. I'd do the same. I said I was SAD to see him go to a CRAPPY COMPANY, not that he shouldn't have.
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