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Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
Guessing you don't read WrestlingInc, then. It was all the rage about his crying for a push about a month ago. Had to wade through it in order to find real news.

I guess we simply differ in opinions of what wrestling should be. Not having Storm win the comeback payoff vs. Roode is like WCW building Sting for a year and having him "beat" Hogan at the PPV with a "fast" count: terrible booking. I like seeing a real program with real wrestlers. Happy Aries is champ but how they put it on him is bogus.

So your argument is that ROH doesn't have as much money as TNA and thus not as much exposure, correct? Can't argue there. TNA is funded by a multimillionaire with a passion for wrestling who can afford money for a big television station by sacrificing real house shows (until now, anyway... this is one of the risks TNA is taking, along with live TV, which hasn't changed anything for them unfortunately). Why do the politicians who have the most money get nominated every time? It doesn't mean they're better.

As for Kenny, he made the right choice. Never argued that he didn't. I'd do the same. I said I was SAD to see him go to a CRAPPY COMPANY, not that he shouldn't have.
Never heard of that site...i prefer for everything wrestling related. And can say that i have never once seen any article related to Aries "crying" about wanting to be pushed.

But your POV that the Roode/Storm feud was effectively blown off for Aries is simply not true and lacks any logical evidence.

Storm lost the rematch 3 months ago. SO if Aries has only been "crying" for the last month..or even 2 months...your supposed timeline STILL doesnt add up.

They went with a storyline about Storm wanting to kick his ass so bad and beathim, that he didnt thinkit all the way through..and cost himself the match. Thus going the route of possible retirement.

My first post i went through why option C, and Aries winning the title when he did made complete logical sense. Elevated X Division, made it more important and credible.

Last post i went through why it made sense for them to go the route they did with Roode/Storm..and now Aries. If Storm got his -rematch and won: well we knew all along hed win duh; if he loses: how could Storm ever be a legit WT contender again? Now..everything is up in the air.

If you want to argue that Storm not winning the rematch in the first place...thats a different argument altogether, andone that i can agree with.

However, the route they have went with makes perfect sense...and i havent seen you point anything out otherwise (other than blah blah Storm shouldve own blah blah).

As far as ROH..again in case you didnt read, i actually like some of the talent on the roster. Still doesnt mean they have a lack of talent on the roster...

As far as money, i never said anything about that being the reason i like TNA better.

I do think its a shame that they are now owned by SInclair Broadcasting...which airs shows on Fox, WNAB, the CW, MyNetworkTV. Yet the only time slot they could find is late night Friday night to air its "show".

And i didnt really see you argue that my view that Adam Cole, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, Roderick Strong...all have as much personality as a cracker.

As far as Steen goes..he can wrestle and move for a guy his size..but he tries to hard to be the "bad boy" it just comes off as extremely corny to me.

I was hoping ROH would be able to compete with both TNA and WWE..but as far behind WWE that TNA is, ROH is lightyears behind TNA.
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