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Default 2010 Topps WWE and 2011 Topps Classic Cases Birthday MOJO

Recently ordered a few cases of WWE for my birthday which was July 10th as ive gotten back into it recently wish id of never quit watching it but ive enjoyed it a ton lately and ive never really ripped any wrestling products really but I made plans for my best friend to come over and stay for a few nights so I ordered a case of 2010 Topps WWE to get a nice case hit of some sort and a case of 2011 Topps Classic just cause its a nice looking product and I really wanted an AJ auto and I wanted anything CM Punk in either and really wanted Edge stuff cause he was my favorite when I was younger well here it goes.....

First off is the relics from 2011 Classic not to bad...

got a Punk like I wanted and multicolored

Next off is the autos which wasnt to lackluster really except for one....

I mean I dont mind the RTruth Santino and Dolph Ziggler but the others and especially a double come on but here is the one I really wanted and got it in the first box.....

BOOM there she is AJ autograph just like I was hoping for

Therefore that was a great case and next we move onto the case of 2010 which this was the first time I opened this but I recommend you guys order a case cause its a fun rip at a great cost may have to get another here soon.

To start off here is the basic relics and a relic /99

Not a bad crop of superstars to get was real happy with them and then we move onto some of the autos which werent bad at all....

The duals came in the same box which is really sick and I got a few of the guys I wanted then here comes two more autos...

Boom theres the main guy I wanted and not just 1 but 2

You may really think wow thats all the relics he got from that picture but nope these next two make up for it first off I got two case hits and well... this is my least favorite to say the least

Dont get me wrong I love the card just not as much as the next one.

And last but not least my favorite card of the case of a superstar I really really like and not only is this a sick card but this is probably the primest patch that I will get from the shirt that they used this defintly has to be one of my favorite cards ever that ive gotten and probably the sickest patch ive seen so far from this subset of anyone
Wait for it

Just as I was hoping for I hit a card of Edge and it was his head!!!
That card is giving me ideas to do that set if I can come across a bunch of those different guys in there lmk if anyone has any and how you feel about this case defintly made my birthday
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