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Originally Posted by KingTaco77 View Post
The question is - how many people would buy it? I'm sure as hell I would buy a TON, but since there are so many different leagues in Europe (and South America) Topps/Panini/etc. would have to shell out sums to multiple leagues. This is still, my biggest hobby wish, though...gahhhhhh Messi refractor auto !
It would be a worldwide hit! Imagine the players of the past and present - Maradona, Van Nistelrooy, Van Basten, Rossi, Messi, Ronaldo, Schmichael etc....they should focus on EPL for sure, but hit Serie A and Liga (top 3 leagues in the world)

A Ref Messi would go for at least a grand!

Let's hope it happens soon.

For shipping purposes: I'm from Toronto (Canada)
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