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You’ve never heard of WrestlingInc? Wow, you're missing out. Check it out. Largest wrestling news site on the Internet and they conduct great interviews. Even wrestlers follow it.

Every feud has matches in threes these days since ECW made it popular. Could they still work the program? I guess so, but without the title it’s purposeless. The whole point of him losing two straight is to win the title on the third go-‘round. So perhaps we can agree that if it were to have boiled down to this, maybe Storm should have just won the second match.

Personalities don’t matter to real wrestling fans, so I didn’t know that was an “argument” I was supposed to refute. It’s like saying “Boy, that hot fudge sundae is bad for your health.” Like I give a **** about that. Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Rey Misterio, Sabu, and many of the sport’s greatest world champions lacked personality. It never lessened their appeal. The only guy who is dreadful on the mic is Roddy. For Cole, we haven’t seen him speak enough yet.

You are wrong, by the way. Common knowledge that ROH’s ratings are actually on par with TNA’s (ROH reportedly drawing similar ratings to TNA in Sinclair Broadcasting's markets - Cageside Seats since you desire links), which is sad given their timeslots. As for Lethal being in TNA first, Steve Austin was in WCW before they misused him and cut him loose. That’s sort of a reason NOT to like TNA.

In the end, I guess we disagree with how wrestling should be booked. I expect a conclusion to my stories, as to where you feel on-the-fly booking is better suited for your tastes. Nothing wrong with it and had they approached a slow build with it, it'd have been perfect. But now he's got the strap and there is nowhere else to go with it. Now what? Have a makeshift feud like they did with CM Punk and Triple H? Yawn. If I booked it, Aries would have set a date for his title bout and "trained" by pinning every former world champion they could find leading up to that point, with Roode becoming increasingly nervous in vignettes, grasping at straws by hiring guys to rough him up before their match, etc... Could have been fun. Now he's twiddling his thumbs with the strap. Bummer.
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