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Hey guys remember in my post earlier in this thread that I was afraid the sketches wouldn't sell very well. I also said I was afraid that the product might be a flop which it is still to early to tell but I know that nothing from it is selling very well from what I can tell. Look at the prices on the sketch cards that are about to end tonight. Not very good. Look at the prices on printing plates. Not very good. Look at the prices on golds and other inserts. Not too good. Like I said may still be to early to tell but the resale isn't looking to good on this product. There have only been 2 sketch cards sell well and that is a dastick and a high end proctor. Compare the sketch cards from this product and the sketch cards from galaxy 7 for example. For the same artists same style the prices are much higher for galaxy 7. I just don't think that there is enough interest in sketch cards from mars attacks for them to sell well. Again I am kind of a newbie about non sports cards and the market for them so I could be totally wrong. Compare the gold parallel prices to the golds from GPK.

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