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Originally Posted by justinhiggs View Post
Your a prick how bout that. Not everything revolves around you and the auction you won. Did you consider maybe he was at church and with his family and not sitting at home trolling ebay and forums? Give the guy the benefit of the doubt or heck have him send you the card damaged and give you on refund. Karma my friend and your not being patient will get you good.... He may have been telling you the truth that he couldn't navigate paypal from his phone as well as he could respond to messages from ebay. Let me tell you before anyone else...the world doesn't revolve around you and your refund. You come second to his family, his priorities, and whats going on in his life. And your timeline of everything now now now is pretty inconsiderate. Seeing as how the auction ended without a successful transaction and him not sending you a card chewed on by a dog he spared you further headache. Why not let him cut his losses minus getting bent over by ebay for the fees as well??? Do you have no heart? You just wanna put the dagger in that much more?
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