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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
So now with this shipping thing, could you flip a card by pricing it for 10 cents less than it originally was, and make 15 cents off of them? Buy a card for $1, list it for $.90, and get $.25 back into your account?
No, you don't get the shipping back. It is now attached to the card. From COMC:
If a seller is trying to relist (aka flip) an item which already has S&H paid, the asking price will be the same as the list price, and the seller will get the full list price upon sale because the per-item S&H was already paid.

If you buy a card for $1 (0.75 +0.25 shipping) and then sell it for $0.90, you get $0.90. You paid 10 cents of the buyer's shipping. Very kind of you.
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