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Default SDCC Breygent packs! Let the breaking begin!

Let the ripping begin!

I did not scan the Panel cut cards or the plates

Dexter Plates - 1 and it's good.
Warlords of Mars - 3
Red Sonja - 14
Vampirella - 21

I also have the 12 card promo sets.

Here you go!

The Head Prop is damaged and going back (only got one). Have Multiple of all Autographs but the Nemoy and it's on hold right now

Have 3 sets of the Costume cards.

(My scanner kept chopping the bottom off)

Warlords of Mars Z-Card sets - I have 4

Dead World Z-cards
Currently looking for the following comic Books:
United Comics: 21,22,23,24,26
Tip Top: 173 & 184
Peanuts 1 (1953)
Peanuts: 1-4 (1963-64)

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