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Angry This Ebay User is Redonkulous

Ben Gibson
Summitville, IN 46070

Ebay Username: thepugilistic

Ebay Feedback: eBay Feedback Profile for thepugilistic

This scumbag bought an Eli Manning Upper Deck rookie from me on June 10th. I waited a whole week for payment and no replies from this user. I ended up opening an unpaid item dispute against him. He totally ignored that as well. Well he sent the money a few days ago and today when i logged in i issued a refund. Well long story short instead of emailing me at all for any of this he leaves me a negative feedback for no reason what so ever. I immediately called ebay on this matter and they seen where i was going with this. I also told them to check his feedback where he has alot of negs looking like positives and that's a bunch of BS. They said my neg will be removed and he will be suspended within 24-48 hours. I sure hope this guy isn't a member here with his bad reputation but just incase i provided all of his info.

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