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Originally Posted by bribri143 View Post
ok first of all im defending myself i have no reason to play theese games with bambam wham wham,,,everything i said is true ,,,i asked him not to pay for the item,and he said i just did,,,my phone works good for ebay but sux for pay pal,,i rushed home within the hr he was refunded,,,weather the card sold for 300 or 99 i wouldnt care i pulled it out of a box i bought,,,it sounds crazy about the puppy story but its true,,,i went and bought another one and offered it to him immediatly before i listed it and he flipped i feel i did the right thing all along ,,,so all you want to be tough guys need to shut the #@#@#@#@ up,with the threats and road trips cause id love to meet you ,,,this bam bam is a manipulating freak and everything steve said is basicly true cause hes intelligent and can read between the lines,,,,and so should all of you my messages the bammy from the beginning were never really as bad as he made it sound,,so please back off and have some nercy on me ,,,hes nuts and its not the same card lol
Can't believe you are that screwed up that you can't just man up and admit you lied. THE CARDS ARE IDENTICAL which is why you went from offering to ship to suddenly trashing the damaged one when I called your bluff. If you look at others listed, the autos are positioned, and some even written, differently. Granted there could be a chance that he signed two exactly the same in exactly the same spots on the card but am I somehow supposed to believe that the exact copy was pulled within a few miles of your house and you managed to replace yours with an identical copy and for about the exact same price they sell for on line ? Really ???

I'm not angry at all because I got my money back with one phone call. I'm a bit insulted that you think I'm dumb enough to believe your BS and the one message with all the big talk and cusses got my Irish up a bit but anyone can run their mouth on the internet so that didn't last but a minute or two.

This thread was just to warn people about wasting their time on your auctions because you won't honor anything that you consider undersold. As you can see, I in no way told anyone else to harass you or screw with your listings, I told them to block you. If you want to blame someone for all the nonsense that followed look in the mirror. There is the cause of all your problems on here and probably in life as well.

This whole thing could have been avoided easily about three different times :

First, and most obvious, honor the sale. You were paid within a minute of the auction ending by someone who hasn't left a seller a negative in a long long time.

Second, if you really were on your phone and didn't feel comfortable refunding why not just say that in one of the many messages you sent instead of wasting my time and making me call Paypal because I felt like I was getting dicked around ?

Third, when you got the "replacement" why not have some integrity and just eat the $30. instead of proving just how greedy you are and having the balls to act like you're doing me a favor by offering it to me at "what you paid" ?

For someone who claims to be a 36 year old adult, all of this should be basic common sense. The path that you chose is what you here killer.

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