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Hi there, first post but lurking for quite a while! So I bought 3 cases and have opened all but a case so far. I am disappointed a bit with my sketch pulls, as quite a few b&w and with silver base going for a few bucks on Ebay, I am not thinking I am getting my $45ish/box value back. I think the case breaks may be a dud, but the person picking out the quality online may be the winner.

With that said, I have been buying quite a few sketch, foils, and golds on Ebay. A few from some of you I can see. Little worried I am catching a falling knife lol! I think the printing plates are a dud because this set is beautiful color, and noted for the artwork. A plate with 1/4 of the design is boring and does not capture the beauty of the design, so I think that is why the values are not there despite the scarcity.

However, the positives are.........I see some really good quality in many of the color sketches and the better ones seem to be selling fairly well. Golds at $30-$40 ain't too shabby either. Brown signed foils I thought would be better, I bought a few at $125-$70. I think I am done with those for a while though. But still only 1/10, I mean that is pretty cool.

Do you think this is a flop or will it start to pick up a bit? Seems like people bought lots of cases for a big score and then just started dumping at a low BIN. I hope it was to get some money back and is typical of a new release with being lots of initial quantity.

With only 50 gold cards for each, quality sketches, and the foil cards, I think this is a cool set. I am hopeful it will gain traction, or at least have a true following for years to come.

What are your thoughts now?
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