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Originally Posted by bribri143 View Post
ok first of all im defending myself i have no reason to play theese games with bambam wham wham,,,everything i said is true ,,,i asked him not to pay for the item,and he said i just did,,,my phone works good for ebay but sux for pay pal,,i rushed home within the hr he was refunded,,,weather the card sold for 300 or 99 i wouldnt care i pulled it out of a box i bought,,,it sounds crazy about the puppy story but its true,,,i went and bought another one and offered it to him immediatly before i listed it and he flipped i feel i did the right thing all along ,,,so all you want to be tough guys need to shut the #@#@#@#@ up,with the threats and road trips cause id love to meet you ,,,this bam bam is a manipulating freak and everything steve said is basicly true cause hes intelligent and can read between the lines,,,,and so should all of you my messages the bammy from the beginning were never really as bad as he made it sound,,so please back off and have some nercy on me ,,,hes nuts and its not the same card lol

Doing the right thing would have been offering the card you got at the shop for the price he won the auction for. That is the right thing to lose a little money but save face. What you did looks bad even if you are telling the truth. The only thing about that is, the 2 autos on the "different cards" is in the exact spot. That doesn't happen very in never. Just saying.
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