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I have tried posting this on the COMC site several times...but it doesn't want to go we are posting it on here. Hopefully someone will read it from COMC, so our point can come across too.

A lot has been said, so I will try to make my point with most that has been said as I have read all posts up until now.

Everyone is so upset because COMC is such a fantastic site and I know the passion involved with this, so COMC please don't go the way of Ebay. I know this isn't set in stone, and I have to think this reaction will cause you guys to tweak things up a honesty you always have in the past, so people need to just chill for a little before first reaction.

The main two points of contention seem to be the .25 fee being paid up front, and cards already on the site being charged that. I think any card that is on the site before the implementation of this new policy (if it is Aug 1), then any card pre Aug.1 is grandfathered in, and doesn't have to pay. We did not know about this, and many current ways people have purchased would have shifted, if so. That really is only fair, since we never knew about this change.

Secondly and the main concern, is the .25 fee. It is now known, that this only has to be charged once. As someone first suggested, I think the end user is the one to do that. We are one of the larger sellers on here, and 95-99% of our cards stay on the site, we rarely ever ship. To make us pay for that, or change our pricing because of it, when we never ship doesn't seem right. I totally understand that you need that flat rate shipping, it is a major shock and one reason we never ship cards out. Going forward, new customers will definitely like that vs. $45 to ship 100+ cards out. Everyone who is complaining right now, remember how much people (and ourselves included), complain about the crazy shipping rates. So, to meet in the middle...I think that could work.

How about the following: Have the person who ships out, pay the fee. When their cart is loaded up and they are ready to ship, you can have each card that will have the .25 fee showing, and the user can then pick which one(s) they will still ship out. If they feel they can't, they can try to re-sell that card until they pick up one that doesn't have the fee. This way COMC still gets the .25 per card they need (since it is clear you only need that once), and we as sellers don't get charged up front for something that isn't ours in the first place. That seems to be the major sticking point with customers (and well deserved), and this I think would make the majority of people, at least go "ok, that works. I still don't like it, but that I can handle alot better...etc."

All the other changes, I don't see a huge problem with...maybe another tier for people that don't care about a timetable so much. A 8 week or something that is only .20 to send in. The thing we have to continue to realize, is what you do in time saved for us, is huge. Sure, 20% is alot in a cashout %, but ebay/paypal fees come close to that and when scanning/packing/emailing/dealing w/ customers and possible paypal reversals/neg feedback threats/etc...this is immeasurable and is worth it. We cash out a lot more than the typical user, so we are saying this as hits us a lot. The higher threshold fee amount is a big positive, that can offset some of the listing fees, sending in fees, etc.

I truly hope you guys are seriously considering all this feedback, and I trust you are. You can absolutely be the Ebay for cards, but don't act like them by not listening to your base, and putting through what you want, regardless of asking/thinking what we would like. That was ebay's mistake, but there was no other alternative and everyone lived with it. You have a golden opportunity to almost single-handedly, take a major portion of their market away from them...other places have tried and it never worked out or got enough exposure, or fees were charged up the wazoo (Naxcom, etc.) You are on that path, of being that alternative for all of us card dealers/hobbyists we have so long for been searching...please, please listen. Sincerely, Papercards
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