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Default Can someone help me with scoring milestone point bonuses please?

Hey guys. I'm running a fantasy league with some people I know. One guy may or may not play, if that's the case, I'll find someone on here to fill in.

Anyways, the leagues we've all been playing for several years has always had milestone point bonuses for QB, WR/TE, and RB. Our original league owner was point crazy, and had high milestone bonuses. Like for QB, it was 6 pts for 250, 8 pts for 300, 10 pts for 350, and WR/TE/RB it was 6 pts for 100, 8 pts for 150, and 10 pts for 175.

As you can imagine, people who owned Brees, Rodgers, and Brady always had the top records. (). We stuck with it for the heck of it because we didn't care to make our own league. We want to implement some bonuses for our league, but make it so it's not totally game-altering. Any ideas on what would make it pretty even but still exciting?

Maybe for QBs: 2 at 250, 3 at 300, 1 at 350
Maybe for RB/WR/TE: 5 at 100, 2 at 150, 1 at 175.

Would that be pretty even for bonuses? Standard PPR scoring, touchdowns are worth 6. QB INT are -1 and QB sacks are -1. Everything else is standard. Is that pretty fair, or are there any better suggestions for me? I'd really appreciate some input. Thanks everyone!
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