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Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post
I could tell right from the top that most of the "extras" were going to be base, just from the tone of the sale thread.

Terrible form on the shipping cost increase and the lack of proper packaging. How a seller can get off charging an extra $5 to "upgrade" to flat rate box with raw cards thrown in is unreal.
But it's a "Hell of a deal"....I'm ebarrassed for buying it, then realizing what I got myself into. Moral of the story is to always ask for details unless it's a reputable seller. One mistake I'll never make again. By the way, more recent PMs are showing me that it's acceptable to package/ship that way.

Originally Posted by Chaddie84
Originally Posted by maxe0213
Don't complain about the price if you accepted it!! #@#@#@#@ man.
You're not reading what I'm writing. I'm NOT complaining about the price, but I really want you to be aware that this kind of stuff will not fly on these forums (or anywhere for that matter) for very long. Please answer these questions for me. This is all I'm asking. Please Answer.

1. Do you find it acceptable to ship a lot of cards in a flat rate box RAW?
2. Do you find it acceptable to changes prices with the justification of covering unanticipated shipping after agreeing to original terms?
3. Did you think one could realistically "at least double or probably clower to tirple triple" their money on this lot in COMC? Or better yet, is $40 a "Hell of a Deal" for this lot?
4. Does the original advertisement list 10 GUs or Autos plus all other cards?

I can't believe how you are reacting to some very straightforward questions. I'm here to help you and future potential buyers, not eat your lunch. Mistakes happen. I made a mistake buying this lot from you, but you are apparently without flaws and I'm apparently a sucker.

Originally Posted by maxe0213
1. Yes. The more valuable ones were sleeved and if they had been nicer cards wouldve been toploaded.
2. YOU ACCEPTED THE SHIPPING CHANGE. And yeah i do since it was a 4 dollar increase! and I asked for 5.
3. Yes I think you could on COMC since everything is dramatically overpriced on COMC.
4. It lists approx. 10 GU's and autos. As they were already packaged I didn't know exactly what they were. I specifically said "about" 10 gu and autos.
Again, another failure at math in #2 and a failure in counting in #4, and in his mind, he did nothing wrong.

Essentially $3 is "approximately" $5, 7 cards is "approximately" 10 cards and base cards are "approximately" serial numbered as they are part of what is "almost everything else".

Tip to all buyers:
if you see words like "approximately" or "almost everything" in a lot description, run far, far away!

Tip to lot sellers:
Use more definitive terms such as "more than" or "equal to" if counting gets to be too tedious to describe in full detail.
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