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Originally Posted by cardsrus1 View Post
I am sure this one is intended for SwagCards!
Very nice!

Update to time with Tim post- please don't waste time emailing if Saturday and Sunday are the only times you have available at the National as Sunday is blocked of for Stu and Lisa of Never Enough Cards as they have 20,000 cards they might submit if you make the changes they want and Saturday is reserved for Tom of BlowOut Cards because his new card shops don't have single cards and COMC would like to sell them computers for their card shop so you can order singles and pick them up at the shops because BO needs a cut of the sales through COMC too (see also Amazon).

Also, in case you fail to get an appointment, there is going to be a table in the far back right corner of the show that you can stop at to share your reccommendations for COMC. Please don't let the fact that there is no one at the table deter you from sharing your thoughts, just close your eyes while you talk and imagine a representative from COMC nodding their head while you speak. I promise they will be listening and you will see just as much change as if you would had you been sitting in their conference room in Seattle with all of the decision makers.
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