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There is a new place on Fairview road in Delaware County right off Macdade. The 3 times I went in there he had nothing but junk. He said he was just getting started and he was going to start getting some wax in soon.

He had another place and was doing a signing with Claude Giroux..He had a lot of IP autos of flyers and eagles.

I haven't been back in a couple months. It is not on google or anything.

If I go back, I will update.

Anybody been to Carl's cards in Havertown? I know it is pretty big. I think Hunter Pence was there last year in August.

Carls Cards and Collectibles | Havertown, PA | Home

I never been there and would like to go. I just have to find it one day.

EDIT: Ruiz, Lavs, Clarke, and Reggie Leech are all doing signings at this place in August.

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