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Originally Posted by slappybag View Post
Long story short, if thats possible with these things. Made a deal with him on Friday, both parties agrees to ship with DC. Went to the post office on Friday afternoon and shipped his cards, sent DC # to him. Said he would send in the next couple days. Heard nothing on Saturday, Monday night sent a short PM asking if he sent, said he didn't would the next day. So last night sent another PM asking for DC#. this time said he was going to wait to recieve mine, he has had alot of problems latley. What a load of BS. That was never the deal, if it was there would have been no trade. The little kid has the DC#'s thats PROOF of when and where mine shipped and where they are in transit. I think he has no intentions of ever sending. Mods, anyone else, what can I do here. I am going to the post office today and ask what my options are. In the mean time, anyone on here, don't deal with him. Avoid like the crabs. I have all PM's and communication if anyone would like to see I can post all on here. Any help or advice is appreciated.
I think all you can do is leave appropriate feedback at this point.

I've dealt with him a few times before - never had a problem - but I'd be beyond upset if someone pulled that on me and admitted over PM that they decided to wait and receive my end.

Obviously you and I just did a high end deal so I know you're legit.

Definitely a weak move.
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