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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
I think all you can do is leave appropriate feedback at this point.

I've dealt with him a few times before - never had a problem - but I'd be beyond upset if someone pulled that on me and admitted over PM that they decided to wait and receive my end.

Obviously you and I just did a high end deal so I know you're legit.

Definitely a weak move.
Sent his out the same day and time I sent yours. The point is not the wait so much as it just lying to me for days and then springing the "have had problems so I am going to wait" you haven't had problems with me, so no reason to pull this weak stuff with me. Just get a feeling he is not planning on sending. I would be more than happy at this point to get my cards back and never deal with this kid again. Copy of the last few pm's just to show what has been said so there can be no dispute.


im just gonna wait to receive your end first if thats ok, had lots of problems lately

Originally Posted by slappybag
just checking if you have a DC# for me yet. hope so.

Originally Posted by darscards35kd
not yet sorry will have it tomorrow probably

Originally Posted by slappybag
hey my man,
any DC number for me? just checking. thanks.

Originally Posted by darscards35kd
awesome, thanks for the deal. pm me the dc # when you have it
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