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Originally Posted by KennethWVT View Post
Can someone explain how the drafting works? is it draft all teams from case 1 first then case 2 ect, or is it like case 1 yankees will go first then case 2 yankees does second pick and such
When the break is all paid up, the list of participants will be randomized to determine draft order.

The top spot gets #1 pick in cases 1, 3, and 5. They'll pick for all three at the same time. It'll continue until we get to the bottom. Then, the last person gets the last teams available in cases 1, 3, and 5, then picks first for cases 2 and 4. It then continues back up the list until the last teams get assigned to #1.

Before the break starts, I'll throw 5 numbers in a hat, and pick them out one at a time on BlogTV to determine actual case numbers.

Does that make sense?
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